Knitting For Beginners: The A-Z Guide to Have You Knitting in 3 Days (Includes 15 Knitting Patterns) (Knitting Patterns in Black&White)

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Knitting for Beginners: is this The Right Book for You?
Whether you need to learn how to knit or you have been knitting for years and want to learn more

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Knitting for Beginners: is this The Right Book for You?

Whether you need to learn how to knit or you have been knitting for years and want to learn more knitting stitches or to expand your skills, this is the right book for you. Covering a huge and varied range of stitches, you’ll be able to not just learn the basics of knitting for beginners, but are actually able to expand on those skills or perfect your technique.

With regards to knitting books, you don’t just want a block of instructions. You wish to have pictures and step-by-step, how to knit instructions that walk you through how to hold the yarn and the needles. Knitting patterns are rarely enough to get you started, especially when you are a beginner. That’s why Knitting for Beginners is the ideal book for anyone learning the basics or who wants to improve their ability to follow knitting patterns and create excellent completed projects.

What does this book provide?

Here are only a few benefits of this knitting book:

• Learning how to read a knitting chart, which will help you read and use just about any knitting pattern
• Show you what You wish to have to purchase to get started with knitting
• Learn how to knit quickly and easily, with pictures and step-by-step instructions
• Learn the differences between English and continental methods
• Provide you with 15 great knitting patterns
• Teach you more complicated methods like double pointed knitting or garter stitches.
• Includes 20 different knitting stitches and 12 unique knitting techniques.
• Teaches how to find more patterns.
• Provide you the Top 5 Tips for Beginners.

This is knitting for dummies and knitting for experienced knitters. It will get you started and help you continue to improve until you are a master knitter.
Knitting isn’t just for your grandmother anymore (though, if you are a grandmother, it can be a great way to give handcrafted presents to your grandchildren). If you have an interest in learning how to knit, this book will teach you the basics and propel you into more advanced techniques.

As a BONUS, it even comes with an FAQ, which covers probably the most most common questions both beginning and advanced knitters encounter. You’ll also get instructions for left-handed knitting, if you are left-handed, and tips for avoiding the most common knitting mistakes. There simply is no better resource for those starting off in this craft or those who want to improve upon what they already know.

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Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“This book covers a wide variety of knitting patterns, techniques and projects; you won’t get bored of it anytime soon! It even looks a bit overwhelming at first, but thanks to the detailed instructions, it turned out to actually be quite simple, and definitely very fun.”
– Sarah

“I can admit that, at first, I used to be overwhelmed with how much detail this book packs. When it says A-Z Guide, it isn’t joking. The photographs, the diagrams, the helpful links to videos and other resources, and the incredibly simple descriptions are exactly what I needed! I cannot stress this enough. I understand it probably sounds silly to get super excited about a book on Knitting, but this isn’t just a book on Knitting; it’s THE book on Knitting.”
– Fishsticks McWhiskers